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We are a full service sleep center. We guide our patients through evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up care. Peninsula Sleep Center has earned full accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It is our goal to ensure our patients receive the best care that modern sleep medicine can provide.

Diagnostic Testing

Home sleep apnea testing and in lab sleep testing (overnight, MWT, MSLT). 

Office Visits

Our sleep medicine providers are available to discuss your test results and treatment options as requested by your physician.


CPAP, BiPAP, servoventilation, oral appliance therapy, surgical therapy are provided at our sleep center or in collaboration with the best providers in the Bay Area.


Pediatric sleep services include evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, as requested by your child's physician, or by our Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Deepti Sinha, MD.



Our Facility

1720 El Camino Real #105
Burlingame, CA 94010


“Night Tech was very professional, courteous, friendly & easy
to work with. He really made me feel comfortable; he was able to
answer all my questions & the room was great!


Why Sleep Matters

Healthier sleep may...

• Improve your heart's health
• Reduce chance of heart attacks
• Improve hypertension or reduce the chance of occurrence
• Help to improve fatigue & sleepiness
• Improve sense of well-being


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